20/02 - 24/02 Health week: Stay fit!

Visit a physiotherapist, get a good massage, find your inner balance, learn about sports psychology and hear all about nutrition in the lecture by Jochem Uytdehaage. All this is part of the Health week: Stay fit!Lees verder

23/02 Improvisation comedy show

The Delft Improvisation Group (DIG) will organize an Improvisation comedy show in the Foyer of Unit Culture on 23 February. Come and laugh as you never did before!Lees verder

23/02 Stay Fit! Lecture: Sports psychology by Martijn Veltkamp

Martijn Veltkamp is an expert in the area of motivation, performance and behavioural change. Attend this lecture for tips and tricks!Lees verder

24/02 Taiwanese Culture Night

The Delft Taiwanese Student Organisation (DTSO) and S&C bring you a typical Taiwanese night and introduce you to the Lantern Festival.Lees verder

24/02 Stay Fit! with Singing Bowl Meditation

Treat yourself a moment of full relaxation with this special meditation lesson.Lees verder

24/02 Stay Fit! with Yoga

Enjoy this free lesson of yoga, your zen moment at the end of the Health Week!Lees verder

25/02 InDelftnesia

Experience two separated, yet interrelated journeys through Indonesia's rich culture at InDelftnesia 2017.Lees verder

28/02 Sports clinic: Squat, bench & deadlift

Try out this squat, bench & deadlift clinic if you want to learn how perform these ‘big three’ of powerlifting. Lees verder

02/03 Open Stage night: Jam edition

Whether you are a musician, comedian, poet, filmmaker, dancer, or a performer of any kind, come and show us your talent! The stage is open for everyone who wants to perform or show something. Lees verder

03/03 - 05/03 Gaming event: Area FiftyLAN

This third edition of Area FiftyLAN combines the best of gaming and offline activities. Lees verder

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