08/03 VR Design Project: Kick-off & 5-week project

VR is something that’s been around since the mid 80’s, but technology always seemed to hold it back. Now, the technology of smartphones has finally brought the incredible potential of VR within reach. Now, we’re in the midst of a virtual reality revolution. Continue

30/03 LabTalk: Original design tools & unique objects

Attend this second inspiring LabTalk with Jólan van der Wiel about original design tools and unique objects. Continue

31/03 GeoQuest Delft

Explore the city of Delft in a way you have never done before and visit places that are probably new to you. Do you like a good quest and love puzzles and games? Then join in, race with your team and win the GeoQuest. Continue

02/05 Sports clinic: Windsurfing

Student Windsurfing Association Plankenkoorts and S&C are organising two windsurf clinics and you can join! Continue

03/05 Live comedy: The Delft Improv Show

The Delft Improv Group (DIG) will organize an improvisational comedy theatre show in the Foyer of Unit Culture on 3 May 2017. Continue

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