28/03 Jazz Talks: Phaedra Kwant

28 March 2017 | 20:00
location: at Culture
by Communication

S&C and Groover present you a whole new edition of Jazz Talks with Phaedra Kwant. This female Dutch bass player will give a stimulating talk, set in a moody, jazz cafe atmosphere. This talk will not only be enjoyable for bass players, but for all music lovers out there!

Phaedra Kwant is the first female bass player to graduate cum laude from the conservatorium. She is well known for playing both electric and upright bass. Additionally, she regularly writes articles for the magazine ‘de Bassist’ and organises workshops. Because of her skill in playing pop, but also jazz and Brazilian music, she is known as a versatile musician.

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Photo: Annette LM Schmidt

Tuesday | 20:00 | at Culture | €0,-


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