House rules

The TU Delft has drawn up a set of house rules. These rules and regulations relate to the proper use of the buildings, grounds and facilities of TU Delft by students and visitors.


Sports card compulsory
You may only use the Sports facilities if you have a valid sports card, which you must present to the staff on request. The sports card is your personal property, so do not mislay or damage it. In case of loss, theft or serious damage you can purchase a replacement card for € 7.50.

You can use the general sports card to participate in all activities, with the exception of activities for which additional charges apply, such as fitness.

Sporting behaviour
Sporters are expected to show sporting behaviour wherever they are: on the field, in the sports hall, on the track, in the Sports cafe, etc.

Refund of purchase price of sports card
Sportscard owners who are unable to participate in sports for a longer period, either because of a demonstrable injury, studying or taking a traineeship abroad, or because their study programme has come to an end, may request a refund for part of the cost of their sports card. This is subject to the condition that the period for which they are requesting a refund is longer than three months.

In order to request your partial refund of the cost of the sports card and/or fitness pass, you should report to the desk of the Unit Sports. It is important that you bring documentation to prove that you are eligible for a partial refund. You should fill in the form at the Sports desk, making sure you provide details of your bank account so that the refund can be paid to your account.
Please note: If your account is not with a Dutch bank, we will need the SWIFT code. It is up to you to provide this information. Once you have filled out the form, you will be asked to hand in your sports card, which will be then be rendered invalid.
 € 5,- will be deducted from the sum of the refund to cover administration costs.


  • Always wear sportswear when using the facilities.
  • Sports shoes for indoor use must be clean and may not be used outdoors.
  • Sports shoes that leave marks on the floor (mainly black-soled shoes) are prohibited in the sports halls.
  • Shoes with metal studs are prohibited on the artificial grass fields.
  • Tennis shoes are compulsory on the SmashCourt courts.
  • The Dojo may only be entered barefoot or when wearing special footwear specifically intended for this purpose.

Dangerous sports
A number of dangerous sports, such as climbing and fencing, may only be practised in the presence of an instructor.

Clean up after use
Leave all rooms (sports halls, changing rooms, etc.) behind in a clean and tidy state. Failure to do so may result in the user being charged for cleaning costs.



Use of the rooms
By purchasing a subscription (music, dance & theatre, DJ, theatre, film and photo) you get access to a wide range of rooms. The instruments and equipment are valuable, which is why we have a number of rules that apply to all users. We expect you to be familiar with these rules. Please visit the desk if you wish more information.

Workpieces made at the Unit Culture remain the property of Sports & Culture for two months after being created. After this period they may be collected. Sports & Culture stores unclaimed workpieces until the beginning of the new academic year, after which they will permanently become the property of Sports & Culture, whereby Sports & Culture also reserves the right to use them in publications.

If you discover or cause damage to materials or facilities, please report this to one of the Sports & Culture desks immediately so that we can repair the damage quickly. Damage caused by negligent behaviour will be charged to the person responsible.

Lost and found property
Have you lost or found property? Please report this to one of the Sports & Culture desk staff. If you have lost property the staff member at the desk will note down your name and telephone number.

Food and beverages
It is not permitted to consume, distribute or sell food and beverages on the sports fields or in the rooms and halls. Food and beverages may only be consumed in the Sports cafe and the Culture cafe.

No-smoking rule
Policy dictates that all Sports & Culture facilities are non-smoking.

Leaving rooms in their original configuration
The rooms and halls must be left in a clean and tidy condition and be returned to their original configuration. In each room you will find a chart with this original configuration displayed on it. If you use a room then you are responsible for returning it to the original configuration after use. If necessary we will charge any extra cleaning costs to the hirer/user.
It is not permitted to move equipment between the various rooms. If you notice that something is missing from a room, or the room is not in its original configuration, please report this to the desk.



Emergency exits
Emergency exits must always be kept clear of obstructions in connection with fire safety regulations.

The prices for students and non-students are listed on the Sports & Culture website. Prices for courses are inclusive of lesson materials unless otherwise stated.

Price changes
The Sports & Culture unit reserves the right to change prices if necessary during the season.

Cancelling activities
Sports & Culture reserves the right to cancel planned activities. No rights can be derived from any errors in planning or pricing of activities.

Purchases at Sports & Culture will not be refunded or exchanged, except in the following situations: 

  • the activity for which you paid was cancelled by Sports & Culture;
  • you do not pass an audition or selection procedure for an activity for which you have paid;
  • the activity for which you paid via bank transfer turns out to be fully booked.

You participate in all Sports & Culture activities at your own risk. Sports & Culture is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal property. Do not leave valuables behind in classrooms, changing rooms, etc. In the Sports Centre you can rent a locker for free. We recommend you take out a suitable liability and accident insurance policy.

Students and associations may only hang posters in the areas set aside for this purpose and with the permission of the department Communication of S&C.

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