Construction work planning

In the upcoming period a lot of construction work will take place at Sports & Culture. On this interactive map you can see what takes place, in what period, with which consequences and when it is ready.

During the build, Unit Sports & Culture will stay open and the programme will continue as much as possible. Keep an eye on the news on our website, take a look at the plan during the build so you know how to reach the facilities and follow the instructions for the walking routes on the premises of Sports & Culture.

Planning opening new construction

In addition to upgrading the existing facilities, the Sports and Culture complex is extended with a range of new facilities. We expect that this new construction (with the Playground, the new sports hall, the changing rooms, Meeting Point, Concept Store and an Innovation Lab) is delivered in the first quarter of 2018. This construction will be put into service in phases. From on the architectural completion, the new spaces will be tested, decorated, optimized and be put into service. Once this has happened for all areas, the official opening will take place. It is expected that this will be around September 2018.

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