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Below you will find a list of our current partners. Show your sports card to receive the following discounts at our partners.



The group lessons are scheduled throughout the year. Sports courses are scheduled in quarters.



An overview of the rates of the sports card and fitness subscription.


Type of training & lessons

There are intro classes, walk-in classes, enrollment classes, courses and (internal) competitions.



With the dedication of student organisations, sports associations, teachers and trainers we continuously strive to create a dynamic, varied programme together.


Summer Schedule 2017

Summer schedule 2017

Here you find the sports offer during the summer period (from 1 July 2017 until 1 September 2017):

Sports schedule

Registering for group lessons

  • Enrollment for group lessons opens daily at 13.00. Make sure you're on time!
  • Your enrolment is valid until 5 mins before the start of the group lesson, so make sure to check in on time at the Sports desk! If you haven’t checked in on time your enrolment expires and your spot will be assigned to someone else.
  • Want to join a group lesson but all spots are already filled in? It is possible to be put on the waiting list. In order to do so, check in at the Sports desk 30 mins before the start of the group lesson. 5 mins before the lesson, you’ll hear whether there is a spot available for you.
  • Have you enrolled for a group lesson? You can pick up the entry ticket of the group lesson 30 mins before the start of the lesson at the Sports desk. When attending multiple lessons consecutively, it is possible to pick up your entry ticket(s) earlier.

Average occupation fitness

*Average number of people in the fitness during the different hours of the day.

Elite sports and study

TU Delft supports students who successfully combine study and top-class sport and invests in development of talent inside and outside the lecture room. A regular study schedule is often hard to combine with a sport schedule on a high level.

To enable the combination of top-class sports and study the TU Delft offers special facilities. 

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