10/07 – 31/08 Summer staycation

For the ones who choose to celebrate summer closer to home, we bring a series of pop-up activities on campus! Lees verder

10/07 – 31/08 Summer staycation: Beach dance party

Who doesn’t love some barefoot dancing in the sand, to have a nice BBQ and tropical drinks? Right! So, come by for this awesome beach dance party on the beach field right next to The Hub. Lees verder

10/07 – 31/08 Summer staycation: Water pistol fight

Because you’re never too old to enjoy a good water pistol fight! Lees verder

10/07 – 31/08 Summer staycation: Outdoor game day

Playing tag, frisbee, water balloon dodge ball, a blanket run, you name it. During this outdoor game day you can let yourself go.Lees verder

11/07 - 15/07 International ceramics workshop

From 11-15 July this summer, you can become one of the twelve lucky students who will get fulltime access to the studios to work on greater designs and bigger objects.Lees verder

14/07 Campus farming: Urban foraging

Summer is here which means you can find fresh, wholesome, delicious food for free just about anywhere you look! So embrace your inner forager and join this 2-hour walk.Lees verder

31/07 Helter Skelter Campus race

Want to feel like a kid again and race around the block with your friends? Now is the perfect opportunity! Lees verder

03/08 Campus farming: Composting

Learn how to make your own compost- as well as get tips on the best type of compost bin, so you can enjoy the benefits of ‘the black gold’ in your own garden.Lees verder

09/08 Campus farming: Urban farming cycle tour

In this fun and relaxing cycle tour, our gardening teacher Rutger Spoelstra, will make your green heart beat faster. Lees verder

18/08 At the Park: Water & Fire

On 18 August, you can come by for the of ‘At the Park: Water & Fire’. Lees verder

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