08/03 VR Design Project: Kick-off & 5-week project

08 maart 2017 | 19:00 - 21:00
plaats: at Culture
door Communication

VR is something that’s been around since the mid 80’s, but technology always seemed to hold it back. Now, the technology of smartphones has finally brought the incredible potential of VR within reach. Now, we’re in the midst of a virtual reality revolution.

Your mind knows virtual reality is fake, but your limbic system isn’t so sure. And when you combine that phenomenon with how good creation feels in virtual reality, design gets interesting, fast.

Starting from 8 March until 5April, the VR Design Project will take place. On 8 March the project kicks off at Culture. Whether you have experience with design, VR or never even put on some VR goggles, join in and create your own new VR app, game or even a new amusement park!

Meet people, discuss ideas and start working together during these weekly walk-in evenings on creating the newest VR Design. With tools like Google TiltBrush and KODON (a VR sculpting programme), the help of an experienced VR designer, this project is just too challenging to not join.


8, 17, 22 & 29 March and 5 April | 19:00 – 21:00 | at Culture | €0,-


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