14/01 Overwatch: E-sports tournament

14 januari 2017 | 10:00 - 22:00
plaats: at Culture
door Communication

DSEA and the Unit Sports & Culture proudly present: the Overwatch tournament! Are you as coolheaded as ‘Mei’ during high-pressure situations? Are your plays as explosive as ‘Junkrats’ his personality? Or do you outplay your opponents with strategies even 'Winston' can’t comprehend? Join DSEA’s first ever Overwatch tournament and prove you can take on any challenge!

Two brackets will be organized. Want to compete and show that you and your team are the very best? Join the pro bracket to compete for glory and win awesome prizes! Want to join for fun? We have got you covered with a casual bracket. Both brackets get the chance to play the finals on LAN.

On Monday 28 November the registration will open up and will closed on Sunday the 11 December. Monday 12 December the group stages will start and during this period it will be decided which teams will compete on LAN. The LAN matches will take place on Saturday 14 January 2017. To join the pro bracket an entry fee of €24,- for each participating team is maintained. To join the casual bracket this entry fee amounts to €12,- per participating team. Spectating the LAN matches will be free of charge, so be sure to bring your friends for support!

For more information and regular updates on sign-ups and other developments regarding the tournament you can visit the following links:

The website: www.esportsdelft.nl
Facebook: www.facebook.com/esportsdelft

Any questions regarding the tournament can be mailed to: overwatch@remove-this.esportsdelft.nl.

Saturday | 10:00 - 22:00 | at Culture | €24,- for pro-bracket, €12,- for casual bracket 


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