23/06 Theatre play: SAMS

23 juni 2017 | 21:00
plaats: in the Theatre Auditorium of Unit Culture
door Communication

Every Sam is the same, in almost every way. But what happens when one of them decides to be different?

‘SAMS’ is an adaptation of the Flemish play ‘De Jossen’ by Tom Lanoye. In a world of suits and squares, a group of people all named Sam, live together. But then cracks appear, one of them no longer wants to be part of the group. He wants something different in life and feels different. The group gets disrupted and suddenly you can see the very different sides of what used to be a flock. Was it even a group before? Or was it just a means to survive?

“I'm not like everyone anymore, like she is, like, different, it's not dancing what I'm doing, it's stumbeling."

A play about groups, hard decisions and being different. Played by the Theatre Performance Group of the TU Delft. Drinks afterwards.

Friday | in the Theatre Auditorium of Unit Culture | 21:00 | €0,-



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