24/06 Jazz done differently

24 juni 2017 | 20:00 - 23:00
plaats: at Culture
door Communication

Do you love jazz just as much as we do, but are you in for a non-conventional approach? Then come to the concert ‘Jazz done differently’ on 24 June, where jazz, pop and classical music are being fused together and surprising music is created!

The concert is a collaboration of two combos of D.S.J.V Groover, the student jazz association: a cappella Jazz choir ‘Vocalzz’ and jazz duo ‘Stijn & Mala’.

This enthusiastic group of 18 students sings everything from disco (September) to ballads (‘In my life’), Disney (‘Aristocats’), pop (‘I want you back’) and soul (‘Hit the Road Jack’, ‘I wish’), as long as it's ‘jazzified’. They sing a cappella, which means that they just use their voices to create a beautiful sound, without any instrumental accompaniment.

Stijn & Mala
Jazz pianist Stijn and the originally classical violinist Mala together form the duo ‘Stijn & Mala’. The combination of classical music and jazz creates surprising music! They are inspired by the world of pop (Human Nature, Michael Jackson), classical (Paris Song, Harmen Fraanje) and jazz music (Unrequited, Brad Mehldau), but they also play their own work! Their music is described as warm, romantic and relaxing.

Saturday| 20:00 - 23:00 | at Culture | €0,- [In co-op with Groover]



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