31/03 GeoQuest Delft

31 maart 2017 | 18:00 - 20:30
plaats: Market Square Delft
door Communication

Explore the city of Delft in a way you have never done before and visit places that are probably new to you. Do you like a good quest and love puzzles and games? Then join in, race with your team and win the GeoQuest.

S&C, together with DISS and AEGEE-Delft, will be organizing an exciting (rat)race on 31 March that will lead you and your team to several places in Delft you might not have seen before, but may find very useful during your stay in Delft. 

Spoiler alert for tonight's GeoQuest: The winning team will receive tickets to one of Holland's most exciting attractions!

It is free to participate and you are definitely allowed to bring your friends. The gathering and beginning of the event will be in front of the New Church at the Market Square in Delft at 18:00. Make sure you're there in time so you can choose a team and start with the race!

Friday | 18:00 - 20:30 | Market square Delft | €0,- [In co-op with DISS & AEGEE-Delft]



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