9/01-13/01 Stukafest Kick off with Scotch, Mellie Meteors & more

13 januari 2017 | 12:00 - 14:00
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Yeah that’s right, why celebrate our ticket sale for just one day if you can party the whole week? From Monday the 9th until Friday the 13th we present to you: Stukafest in co-operation with Sports & Culture, the Kick off: StuCaFest (Student Campus Festival)!

We will surprise you with great performances at unexpected places to give you a little sneak-preview of our festival in February.

During the lunch breaks throughout this whole week you can find us in our own pop-up student room, on your very own campus. For example: step by at the Aula, listen to the performing artist in CiTG, dance a little at 3ME and have a beer at the Fellowship (well, maybe just stick with coffee and keep the beer for later). This event provides you also with the opportunity to buy your tickets for the official event on 22 February. 

Check the Facebook page of Stukafest Delft or website www.stukafest.nl/delft to find out at what spots the Student Campus Festival takes place and come party with us!

Stukafest Delft
Intimate performances in cosy student rooms: this year’s edition of Stukafest 2017 Delft (Student Kamer Festival) will be on 22 February 2017. Take off your coat, grab a beer and get ready to be surprised. Cosy, messy student rooms throughout Delft are transformed into mini stages with music, dance, comedy, theatre and much more. You can pick out your three favourites during three rounds. Between the performances there is a thirty minute break so there won’t be any rush to get to the next room. After the final round, everyone, (including the artists) can put on their dancing socks for the legendary Afterparty! Stukafest is open to both Dutch and international students. With performances of Typhoon and Spinvis in previous editions of Stukafest Delft you definitely don't want to miss this!

Check out the Facebook page of Stukafest Delft or the website www.stukafest.nl/delft/ to stay updated on the event and to buy your tickets.

Kick off: Monday - Friday | lunch break | on campus | €0,-

Official event: Wednesday 22 February | 20:00 | student rooms in Delft | 3 rounds for €12,-.


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